A Love for All Seasons
by Mike Capodici

The love of God is what carries us through all the seasons of our lives. We can always love! And God is love so He provides all of what we need.
Recorded December 18, 2016,  26 Minutes

Living Water
Rev. Jan Magiera

Living water, in contrast to a cistern, springs up from underground and it is an unending source of life at the places where the water comes up. Jesus Christ is the living water to us by way of the spirit, and we do not need to thirst again. The Feast of Tabernacles celebrated the coming Millennial kingdom when the mount of Olives will split and living water come up and out of it to heal all the land of Israel from east to west. That is the time when Jesus stood up in the temple and said, "Come to me and drink!"
Recorded December 4, 2016,  30 Minutes

Revival Through Jesus Christ
by Stephen Jeltema

A look at how God links a Christian's spiritual and physical revival through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Recorded November 6, 2016,  32 Minutes

What is in a Name? The Book of Acts
by Rev. Bob Lindfelt

Why was the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, given such a name? When we read the Book of Acts we see it includes the action of not only the Apostles, but Jesus Christ and many other believers. The early church "acted on the Word of God." It was all about walking in power. Today we can walk in the same power as they did in the Book of Acts. After the teaching, it was announced that the San Diego Biblical Studies Fellowship have changed their name to Acts Now Fellowship. Their tag line is "Living the Book of Acts Today."
Recorded October 2, 2016,  36 Minutes

Celebrating Christ Daily
by Vicki Barnhart

The benefits of Jesus Christ's love and obedience can be celebrated every day of our lives. This teaching reflects the beauty of what we can appreciate as God worked in the life of our Lord Jesus, the complete sacrifice and redeemer.
Recorded September 11, 2016,  48 Minutes
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Meet with God - Intercession
by Rev. Jan Magiera

Intercession for all the saints means that we meet with God, before His face, speaking to the highest authority. Ephesians 6:18 exhorts us to watch with perseverance and "fall down in between" others when we see a need. Examples are given from Moses, Daniel and Elisha.
Recorded August 7, 2016, 43 Minutes
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The Lesson of the Orange Tree
by Rev. Barney Barnhart

Our words can bring health and life, the testimony of which produces such a sweet smelling savor. Wisdom from above, evidenced by the grace our words fitly spoken, exude such tenderness and gentleness, that God is seen clearly and beautifully.
Recorded July 24th, 2016, 24 Minutes

Bowing Before the Lord
Rev. Bob Lindfelt

We are familiar with the custom of bowing before people especially evident in the East and other places. The Bible talks about this long standing custom of bowing to show respect to one another.

What a wonderful act of humility and respect to bow down to the Lord each and every time we go before Him. We might not physically bow, but we can bow in our hearts and minds as we go before the Heavenly Father.
Recorded July 10th, 16 Minutes

Treasures in Heaven
Rev. Bob Lindfelt

Jesus Christ talks much about future "treasure in heaven." As born again sons of God, we can have great expectations for rewards in heaven after we are gathered together. What we do for our Heavenly Father will result in blessings now and in the future.
By Rev. Bob Lindfelt
Recorded June 6, 2016, 26 Minutes

Challenging Ourselves to Get Honest
An Exhortation to Walk in the True Love of God
by Katie Jeltema

We need to first know who God is and what it means to walk in his love so we can truly resemble our Father and his son, Jesus Christ. We are called to be living epistles and to imitate our Father as a child. We need to get honest about what is in our hearts, what is motivating us and if our life produces the fruit of God's promises or the fruit of the world. Bring your whole heart to God, acknowledge your sin, put off the old man, be made clean and become who God has made to you be in Christ Jesus knowing you are accepted and beloved.
Recorded June 5, 2016, 48 Minutes

Lifestyle Influences
by Rev. Bob Lindfelt

There are many things that influence how we live and what we believe. Many today are into a "Celebrity Obsessed Culture." For those who are born again of God's spirit, they have The Word of God as their major source of what is important to guide our lives. We are challenge to control what lifestyle influences enter our brain and what we allow to have an effect on us. II Corinthians, chapters 3,4,5 offers up incredible resources that can dynamically influence our life.
Recorded May 29, 2016, 45 Minutes

The Power of Prayer
by Jeanie Lindfelt

Prayer invites the Father into our daily lives. When we call upon God He will answer us. Daniel put God first and did not compromise. Jeanie shared a children’s book called, Hey God, I’m Starving In This Den So Why Won’t You Let Me Eat This Guy Named Daniel?! It was the lion’s perspective of the account from Daniel 6. God’s perspective is always to care for us and to meet our needs. Our job is to seek Him with our heart first then with our need.
Recorded May 1, 2016 Family Fellowship, 27 Minutes

Speak the Word
by Rev. Barney Barnhart

Many times believers are not experiencing the breakthroughs they want because they are not speaking out what they believe about the Word, but are speaking out what they see, feel and experience in their circumstances. This teaching gives practical advice HOW to change your life, in partnership with God and His ability at work in us, by speaking the Word into the situation.
Recorded April 17, 2016,  46 Minutes

The Power of His Resurrection
I Corinthains 15:12-58
by Rev. Bob Lindfelt (including a sharing by Al Segovia)

Perhaps one of the most profound statements challenging the believer's mind is what the Apostle Paul declares at the first part of Philippians 3:10: "That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection." Without the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the believer would still be in their sins; their faith would be in vain; and their lives would be most miserable and they would be without hope of the future. Bob shares some astounding insights from I Corinthians 15:12-58 revealing how immense the resurrection is and how it affects our hope when Christ returns to change our vile bodies like unto his glorious body. With this information we can stand for our Heavenly Father knowing that He has given us the "victory through our Lord Jesus Christ," and that we can truly work for Him knowing that our "labor is not in vain in the Lord."
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Recorded March 27th, 2016,  33 Minutes

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The Meaning of Passover: Protection, Redemption, and Access
by Rev. Jan Magiera

The term passover denotes both the sacrifice and the feast. It has a deeper meaning of protection or a protection sacrifice from the record in Exodus of the first passover. Then just as Boaz acted as the kinsman redeemer with Ruth, Jesus Christ's payment of his blood enables us to have redemption. Redemption is always from bondage to freedom, from death to life. But this was not all, the purpose of the redemption is "speaking access" to God, face to face, before him.
Recorded March 13, 2016, 39 Minutes

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Bob Carden Class:
February 27 & 28

Segment 1
The title of this class reflects some very personal and painful experiences of the teacher. This class is not dealing with theory, but is very practical. It deals with the spiritual battle we are faced with. This class helps you to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Many do not really know what a disciple is. Many Christians are not disciples and yet the “chief responsibility of the Christian church is to make disciples.”
44 Minutes

Segment 2
In this session we are going to learn about who you are from God’s point of view. We call it the Renewed Mind. “God has given us a plan and process to escape the prisons we find ourselves in.”
43 Minutes

Segment 3
We continue in the Renewed Mind. We learn to submit to God; but, we also need to deal with the adversary. We submit to God and we resist the devil. We have Christ in us – we are not to be afraid of devil spirits, they are afraid of us.
34 Minutes

Segment 4
We are going to learn how to resist the adversary. Jesus Christ rendered the devil powerless. He is defeated, but he is the master liar and deceiver. The truth will set us free and to expose his ways.
45 Minutes

Segment 5
 We are going to learn more on how to resist the devil. Satan is a liar and we are to resist him. We counter his lies with the truth of God’s Word. The chief trick is his lies. He is the tempter, the deceiver, and the accuser. In all these we resist.
45 Minutes

Segment 6
We come back to the beginning, in that, we want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. John 8:31: “If you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed.” God wants us to his representative, His ambassador.
44 Minutes

Segment 7
A Session on Forgiveness. The most important snare of the devil is on forgiveness. This applies to everyone. To be free from the errors of the past is to start with forgiveness.
24 Minutes

The Hour of Power
In this final segment Bob shares a program that is outlined in his handout by the same name. The Hour of Power is a conversation with God. It is to help you apply the principles we have been learning to help you overcome the adversary. You do not have to do anything to gain your victory, it has been already done 2000 years ago. We believe who we are in Christ. We have the right to use the name of Jesus Christ. It is acting as his representative. We learn to be a good disciple.
39 Minutes


Son of God - Unique and Beloved
by Rev. Jan Magiera

The name of Jesus Christ of "Son of God" shows that we also as sons are holy, have acceptance, life and power. We are SOG's!! We are unique and also beloved, as when God spoke from heaven, "This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased."
Recorded January 24, 2016, 27 Minutes

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Money and Managing Human Resources
by Rev. Barney Barnhart

In Luke 16 Jesus instructs the disciples to "make friends with the mammon of unrighteousness". Does this flow with the truth of God's Word or is there something we are missing?

This sharing opens up a better understanding of these verses that have caused confusion for many about the topic of material wealth and how to be a good steward. What did Jesus "really" teach?
Recorded January 10, 2016 22 Minutes

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