He was laid in the tomb – they put soldiers round about
No one could get to him – he certainly wouldn’t come out
Three days and three nights in the earth he lay
Until, finally in the evening, the angel came and rolled the stone away

Early in the morning, Mary came to the tomb
But something was wrong (the stone was gone) there was only the empty room
But he was standing right behind her; watching her as she cried
Waiting to share his joy with her—the joy he now knew inside

“Woman, why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?”
She supposed he was the gardener so turning to him she implored,
“Tell me –where have you laid him? I’ll come and take him away.”
She could hardly believe it when she heard him say, “Mary...”

“He’s alive, he’s alive!” The joy jumped in her soul
The dead man she came there searching for was standing before her whole!
He’s alive, He’s alive... “Go tell all my brothers,” he said,
“That the one who lay there sleeping is risen from the dead.”

He’s alive, He’s alive... go tell all your friends
This is just the beginning of the story that never ends
He’s alive, He’s alive ... we’ve got to tell everyone
Of the savior raised in glory – Jesus Christ, God’s Son!
By Leon Hansen

He is Risen