Hello spiritual family! God has been taking my housemate Al and I and on a journey of witnessing for Him and praying for others without a specific timeline or purpose. Rather, it’s just as we live our lives.

Now, I have been a part of street evangelism, and think that is an awesome way to make connections. I still go to fellowship or to church expecting to pray with people and see God show up. But one of the most fun things about God is, He’s with us all the time! And my savior Jesus too – it’s God IN Christ IN me! (Colossians 1:27) We don’t have to make a time to go door-to-door witnessing necessarily, just be open to how God can move in any situation.

Which means, when I go to the grocery store – I’m Christ in shoes. When Al goes to the park, it’s God working in him to will and to do of His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). Or how about when I’m frustrated with my car and its slipping transmission and squeaky fan-belt: in a week of breakdowns and appraisals, I was able to pray with the gentleman who helped fix my car (he wasn’t a Christian, but he was still willing to let me pray for him because he said he likes “good energy”) and have an amazing conversation with the CarMax sales representative.

I really shouldn’t have been talking to the CarMax salesman, Gibbs, at all. Where I live has the busiest CarMax in the region, so there is always a wait time to buy or sell/appraise a vehicle. I had already been to the store once, viewing the lot, talking to the sales woman, credit checks, etc. I decided not to buy a vehicle I couldn’t afford (Financial Peace University has schooled me into being leery of car payments and the chains of added debt), but still wanted to get my current lemon appraised.

Thinking ahead, I had made an appointment so I could be seen right away. Due to some miscommunication, that “appointment” was rendered nil. So, here I am with Gibbs for a solid 45 minutes and we have no car-related activities to take care of. Plus, he was a quiet, reticent man (not someone you would peg for a car salesman). Bust out the cell phone, right? Wrong!

When we went to sit down, Gibbs had to pull over a different chair because he said he had problems with his lower back. A believer couple that has mentored me calls that a “target” – meaning someone has a health issue, and we know a God and a Savior who have the desire and ability to fix those right away! So I’m already seeking a way to bring Jesus into this conversation.

As we talk casually, Gibbs drops that he used to be a minister. Say what? I start asking him about that, and his studies – and the man came alive! Turns out he studied the Greek language and learned under some of the top Johnannine (relating to the gospel of John) scholars today. He explained to me about the importance of knowing the culture behind the Bible (what I’ve heard referred to as Orientalisms) and how that context leads to greater understanding of the Scriptures.

And why should we understand the Scriptures? To know and be closer to God and His son Jesus Christ! Gibbs expressed his chagrin at some modern Christians’ mentality that they want to “know God, not know about God.” He said if I told my mother I had a new girlfriend and when she asked for details, said oh I know her, I don’t know about her, she would laugh me out of the kitchen! It was clear Gibbs knew about and had a relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

And this whole conversation happened while we’re on the busy CarMax floor, waiting for my car to be appraised! I did ask if I could pray with Gibbs before I left. When he said yes, I lifted opportunities for him to share and teach, which he obviously had a passion for, and spoke directly to his back and the muscles there. That God through the power and healing name of Jesus Christ would remove the pain, release muscle tension and bring his spine back in alignment.

I didn’t get to sell my car, but I did leave Gibbs with a smile and refreshed spirit. He said he was so thankful to talk with me and to pray together. For myself, I left with an invigorated attitude of wonder and praise. It is so fun to expect God to manifest Himself in my everyday life – and then watch how He does it!

- Joyell Nevins

Matthew 9:37 & 38:
Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is
plenteous, but the labourers are few;
Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send
forth labourers into his harvest.

Isaiah 6:8:
Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying,
Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.