I am very well qualified to write this particular article. It would have been written earlier but I was too busy doing other stuff. Being “busy” is one of life’s best excuses. “Busy” is a word that indicates success and being engaged in doing life. But, I wonder if being busy is a good thing or not?

You would have to agree, that in our times, being busy is a mark of accomplishment. If we are not busy all the time, then we must be lazy or not really motivated to do good things.

I believe in our times “being busy” is sometimes working against us rather than being a good thing. How many times have I heard: “I am too busy to go to fellowship.” “I am too busy to pray in the morning or late in the evening. I have too much on my plate as it is. I am too busy.”

Recently I heard a teaching by Joyce Meyer where she brought up this cultural hang-up of, “having to be busy all the time.” She said, “Everybody today is busy, busy, busy. If I asked you if you are to busy? Most of you would say, yes... God never asked us to be busy; He asked us to be fruitful!... Sadly I think we get so busy, doing nothing except having a busy schedule, that we do not end up with any good fruit in our lives.”

I can wholly agree with her, because I get like that too many times. If you do not get anything out of this lesson, I sure do!

There are times where we are truly busy doing what God wants us to do. But would He ever direct our steps to be so over loaded with work that we would not be at peace, that we would not have time for fellowship with Him and the family of God.

Jesus Christ spent time getting out, away from the daily grind to pray and to have a peaceful time with His Father and His followers. Jesus Christ accomplished all that was foretold of Him without being busy. Perhaps the one time He was really busy and overloaded was when he was sacrificing His body for you and me just before and on the cross at Calvary.

Let’s remember who we are and Who we work for. Spend your time wisely and be happy and at peace.