Weight loss in 30 days, weight gain in 30 days, intellectual advancement in 30 days, grow larger muscles in 30 days, grow more hair in 30 days, replace all your cells in 30 days, on and on - Wow there are many challenges to enhance our lives, just in 30 days!

There is one 30 day challenge we have been doing in San Diego that is more beneficial than all of the above ones.

It is called the 30 Day Bible Journaling Challenge by Jan Magiera. As you open up this file you will see 30 verses, one for each day. This is how to do it:

  1. Get a notebook of some type to write in.
  2. Write out Day One and then the verse, word for word (KJV to start).
  3. Take each key word of the verse and make a list skipping a line after each one. (See example below).
  4. After each word(s) you have listed then write out synonyms and other words that are similar to it. (See example below).
  5. On the next page or back of the page you just used, write out the verse using your other words you came up with that are synonyms and make your own "amplified" translation.
  6. Check 3 other translations for the verse and write them down below your "amplified" translation.
  7. Read the context of which the verse is given by reading the verses around it.

That is it. There is actually more she had us do. You can check our website for the March Sunday teachings by Jan Magiera and see what they are.

This is a wonderful way to get God's Word in your head.

Ah, I almost forgot. She encouraged us to use the verse of the day for that day. In other words, look to do it or be it or share it with others.

EXAMPLE: Colossians 3:15: And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, [We only did this part of the verse].

And: also, in connection with,
Let: allow, give permission to,
he peace: that quiet acquiescence, restfulness, satisfying easy feeling,
of God: by the Heavenly Father, the Creator of the Heavens and earth, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
rule: measurement of excellence take place, have place, govern,
in your: within your being, in me, myself and I,
hearts: inner self, inner being where I believe and think, my place of passion,

My "amplified" translation: "Also in connection with (after putting on the love of God and letting the peace of God rule in my heart) allow or give permission for the quiet acquiescence of my Heavenly Father Who created the heavens and earth, govern or have place in my inner being of where I think and believe."

The point is, to have fun with this and really get into what words mean and then take them to heart.

Enjoy working God's Word!