God invented something so perfect, we could not mess it up. And what is so marvelous is how it can benefit the believer in so many “credible” ways.

Think about it... If the Creator of the Heavens and Earth initiated a whole new way to communicate with Him and introduced it for the very first time on the Day of Pentecost, it must be monumental. Keep thinking about it...God is perfect, so if He invented something, it would be perfect.

How would you like to pray or communicate to the Heavenly Father perfectly?
How would you like to make perfect intercession for your loved ones and fellow saints?
How would you like to edify yourself perfectly?
How would you like to give thanks well perfectly to the Heavenly Father?
How would you like to talk divine secrets?
How would you like to have the perfect assurance that you are a son of God?
How would you like to magnify God perfectly?

What is this grand invention that allows you to do all these things? Speaking in Tongues.

God in His matchless Word encourages everyone to speak in tongues (I Cor.14:5) and commands that no one forbid it (I Cor.14:39). And why not speak in tongues much in light of what God has done to make it available and to benefit the relationship between the believer and God.

I think about the Old Testament means of connecting with God and all the rigmarole that came with it. They had to have this huge building, with special curtains and furniture. Only a special few people were even allowed to approach God; and only on special times.

Today all I need to do to perfectly connect with God is speak in tongues.

Now do you see why I am always encouraging people to speak in tongues?

Thank you Heavenly Father for your grand invention!