We got together, before going to our favorite place to love on people and bless them, and Paula prayed and said something like this: "Heavenly Father may we go forth with the same kind of joy our Lord and Savior had when the Bible says, "For the joy that was set before Him, he endured the cross."

That just blew my heart, when she prayed that. What a wonderful attitude to have when we go out to purposely love on people and bless them with the love of God. It is a great joy to share our lives with people. Sometimes we look at our spiritual task as a burden. Jesus' ultimate task of giving His life over for you and me was a JOY! Again, that just touches my heart.

By the way, what happen in the next two hours was some of the most exciting times I have ever had. The four of us who went, prayed for some 20 people (It seemed like they were lining up waiting for us to finish with one person so we could pray for them). One was praying to get off the streets and off his meth habit and was so grateful to be taken to a Christian disciple ranch. One guy, was a Christian rapper and he sang to us and then hung out with us and actually help pray for people. He was so blown away with what we were doing he could not leave. Matthew, who we met at this same place two weeks ago and was so blessed with our fellowship (He has been attending all the fellowships he could get to and has grown tremendously) came later and was blessing people and ministering to them as well!

It would take several pages to write all the great Godly things that happened. What a joy it is to work in the Family Business!