Recently while venturing out to the shopping mall, I walked through an exclusive clothing store. If you wanted to pay the most for your clothes this was the place.

I was quite impressed with some of the outfits until I came upon a section I just could not believe. Here on the rack were designer jeans with tears in them. And it was not just a little pin prick in the fabric but giant, gaping holes all over the pants. The price was not less because of the tears, but the more tears the higher the price. What kind of fashion statement was this?!

Not so long ago, it was not uncommon to see young men wearing their pants below their butts! How they walked I have not a clue. Again, another fashion statement of the times.

All through the history of man, there have been fashion statements reflecting the times and culture. When I attended college, everyone wore nice slacks, nice leather shoes and button down collars on their shirts that were tucked into the pants. Today, no one tucks their shirts in, they mostly wear jeans and athletic type shoes. All of this reflects the fashion statement of the times.

As a born again one, I am excited about a fashion statement that will not just last for a few years, but will last for eternity. When my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns to gather each and every born again one, we will be fashioned like Christ.

Philippians 3:21:
Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself.

Now that is a fashion statement of all fashion statements! We will be fashioned like the Lord Jesus Christ in his new resurrected body. This fashion statement will become a reality when we are gathered together at the return of Christ. Jesus Christ modeled this look when he was on the earth for 40 days after his resurrection and before his ascension.

Enjoy what you have to wear now, but look forward to a whole new glorious look, when Christ comes back for His Church. We will be "fashioned like unto his glorious body!"