I put up a 15 foot shot from the corner. It felt good; it looked good as it left my hand, but I quickly realized it would be short, so I followed it to the rim fighting through my opponent.

The basketball hit the rim and bounded back toward me. Out reaching the other defensive player, I got the rebound and put it back up high on the back board. But, again I realize, I put too much energy into it. It bounded away from the basket. This time, as I aggressively fought for possession of the ball with a bunch of other players hanging all over me. I grabbed it, faked a shot, sending the other player soaring in the air; then I dribbled once and leaped under the basket to the other side and finally was rewarded with a score.

I finally made a basket after missing twice. The result was the same as if I made it the first time. It just took a little longer, more effort, determination, and focus.

In life many times we fall short of what we have worked so hard to accomplish. How do we respond to this? One of two ways: We quit or we rebound. And if we miss again, we rebound and stay at it with determination until we score.

Spiritually, I see too many Christians fall short in their walk with God. They stop and give up instead of rebounding and putting it back up until they score.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to succeed more than you do. He cheers you on; He helps you get that rebound and put it back up over and over and over again. As long as you are going for the rebound, He will be there assisting you all the way.


Do you remember King David in the Old Testament? He got tricked and committed a personal foul that caused him to make an even worst infraction. The devil wanted to get him out of the game. Did he quit or foul out? No! He went to the coach - God, and after asking for forgiveness, he later made this request:

Psalm 51:10: Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.


As a child of God, we have His eternal spirit within us as well as the "love of God shed abroad in our heart." (Romans 5:5). We take on life's challenges with our Heavenly Father leading the way.

Whenever we fall short or commit a foul; we still have all the eternal realities and riches that we started with at the new birth. All we need to do is stay at it and rebound.


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